Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vintage Tablecloth and Napkin set I Scored!

I love vintage. I love red and I love table linens. I found this beautiful vintage 1950's Simco screen printed table cloth and napkin set on Ebay. I was even more impressed when I received it. The colors are so vivid, no wear or spots. It is just beautiful. I had to throw it on my table and take pictures.  The bowl in the center is a Scarlet Fiesta Ware pedestal bowl sitting on top of a Scarlet Fiesta Ware fruit bowl turned upside down.

I discovered after setting out my Fiesta Ware that I am missing my Sunflower Yellow, and Persimmon mugs. I need to get those replaced. That's the beauty of Fiesta Ware you can mix and match the color combos anyway you want and it's very easy to replace the current colors.

I took all the colors in the tablecloth and used my Fiesta Ware pieces that matched the colors.

I use my large disc pitchers all the time. They really are the perfect size and easy to handle.

Really I will have to say my two favorite colors of Fiesta Ware are Scarlet and Sunflower Yellow. They just brighten up any table, or kitchen.

Oops! I can see that I need to replace my Persimmon fruit bowl as well.




  1. I also love and enjoy all linens. I have so many diffeeent things. I have several tablecloths I plan on sharing in the future. Yours is very nice.

  2. What a great vintage tablecloth. Congrats on wining the eBay auction.

  3. Delightfully old-fashioned!


    “If forced to make choices,” she said,
    “I’d go for the crimson and red.
    I’d let go of green,
    (Some think it’s obscene),
    Embracing magenta instead.”

    Dancers in Red

  4. The tablecloth is beautiful! And you are so clever for putting the bowl on top of the smaller bowl to get the height you wanted! Why don't I ever think of things lIke that?

  5. My grandmother used to vacation in Hawaii every summer and bring back yards of tropical cloth. This tablecloth reminds me of some of the fabrics she brought home. Thank you for sharing your find and for reminding me of my Grammie!

  6. Oh wow love the vintage linens. So cheerful.

    Jocelyn @

  7. It looks like we have more in common that just puppies!! I love red, linens and vintage too!

  8. Seeing your cute new table cloth takes me back to lunch with my grandma on her patio. You have a great collection of Feista ware.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. You're right, Susie. The colors on this cloth are incredibly vibrant and match the cheeriness of your Fiesta dishes beautifully! Don't you just love when you score a hit like that? ;)

    Thanks so much for joining the party. It's good to have you back. Feel free to join us every week. You can link ANY "family-friendly" post -crafts, cooking, family, etc.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  10. How cute. I love vintage table linens! Congrats on winning them!

  11. What a wonderful table setting! You scored big time on the cloth/napkin set. I don't use my tablecloths enough; I think it's time to get them out!

  12. I love it! I love all the fun colors it is so happy. I am going a little red happy myself.

  13. I have some similar linens and other vintage items collections of my mother. I am interested in selling items to benefit the Austin Siamese Cat Rescue.