Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Sweet Little Miracle!

This is simply an amazing story I have to share. Last October I sold this little girl, Phoebe, to a woman in Russia. I shipped her out the next day after purchase. Two weeks later the buyer contacted me wondering where her doll was. This started a major investigation and finally a settlement with the U.S. Postal Service. Phoebe was MIA in Russia somewhere. I was heart broken, because I was intending on keeping Phoebe for myself. I rarely do that, but this particular sculpt I have done several times and I decided to finally do one for me. Money got tight so I decided to go ahead and sell her. I immediately regretted it.

Here comes the crazy part. A couple of days ago my co-worker was asking me if the doll was ever found. I told her no she was somewhere in Russia and that could be just about anywhere. I went on to tell her how I wished I had her back and that it makes me sad to know she was lost. You can tell by the outfit she's wearing that she's been lost for nearly 6 months. That very afternoon a couple of hours after the conversation with my co-worker my daughter calls and says "Mom you will never believe what I found on our door step. PHOEBE! Phoebe has returned from Russia!!" You could of pushed me over with a feather!!!! I told my co-worker right away and we were both stunned that we were discussing this very thing just a couple of hours earlier. 

Anyway Phoebe is home now safe and sound from her big adventure. She's pretty tired I would imagine. The box was totally stamped up with Russian stamps, but in pretty good shape and had never even been opened.
She isn't going anywhere from now on!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in my little miracle!

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sir Malcolm of Kilraeke

Had to share my boy Malcolm! He is the love of our lives. As you can see I have him featured on my blog title. He is the funniest guy. He loves to watch t.v. go bye-bye in the car. Snuggle, visit anyone and everyone who comes by. He lays on the back of our living room couch by the front window to look out and wait for us to come home. His very favorite pass times is to eat and sleep. He has to be near us. If he is napping in den and we get up and move to other room he will follow. I have never had a better dog companion as this boy. When one of us isn't feeling well he knows, and be very comforting. Since this is a blog about my favorite things so to speak I had to share Malcolm.

Malcolm in his Sheriff Uniform ready for patrol

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Monday, February 28, 2011

Finally finished my baby gift for dear friend...

I've had such a fun week this past week. I received the Versatile Blogger Award from Creative Princess. I was featured on At Home with K's for my Teen towel set. I discovered a whole bunch of new blogging friends and picked up 20 new followers! I also found a great apron pattern on Sugar Bee's which I can't wait to get started on, but I have to say the highlight of the week was finishing the heirloom blanket I was making for a dear friend who just had a baby. I finished it and took her out to lunch to give it to her. She was overwhelmed which of course was the appropriate response :-).

I love doing these blankets for new babies, but they do take awhile. They are not expensive. I get the baby afghan blanket at JoAnn's which is $12.99. I usually have a coupon and only really pay about $8.99. I choose an embroidery set to purchase to download onto my machine. In this case I chose the Baby Blue Bird collection from I paid $10 for the set and about $5.00 for the thread so all in all the blanket cost me less than $25. I work full time so my goal is to do at least 2 squares a night. There are 28 squares and I embroider 14 of them, doing every other one. I can usually manage to get one of these done working part time on it in about two weeks. I chose the blue birds simply because they were so dang cute and it was a spring happy theme. I always monogram the baby's initial on the bottom center square. The very last step is fringing which can be a bit tricky. I always sew two rows 1/4" apart all the way around with some finishing stitch about 6" inside and then pull thread out to create fringe. If you have an embroidery machine this really is an easy project which is perfect for the very special person in you lives. When finished the blanket becomes an heirloom. Sorry the pictures are not better quality, I just had a devil of a time taking them.

It was hard getting the picture of the full blanket.

Down the right side

Down the left side. Same design as right side just mirrored.

Top of blanket.

Bottom of blanket with monogrammed initial.

Blanket all folded up and ready to wrap.

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