Tuesday, September 27, 2011

FALL = Malcolm, Pillows and a COZY MYSTERY!

When the weather starts  cooling down and the nights get cold I always look forward to going to bed early snuggling down in the pillows and covers with Malcolm snoring at my feet and reading a Cozy Mystery!  You what I'm talking about, the middle aged/senior single woman sleuth who annoys the police but always turns out right. She always has a cat or two and the resident dog who accompanies her on her escapades. There always seems be plenty of gossip, good food and tea where ever she goes. They always take place in beautiful quaint country sides with plenty of flowers, trees and wonderful small wild animals such as badgers, owls, or hedgehogs. Usually a quick read and always comes in a series. Our heroine never gets sick and she isn't worried about finding a man to fill the void in her life, her community, home, friends and furry kids provide enough adventure for any one person.
Autumn began last Friday and I found my first Cozy Mystery from a recommendation on Cozy-Mystery.com which is a wonderful blog with countless suggestions!  I found a new author, at least to me, Vicki Lane. She is a marvelous writer. She had me right up until the end. Her heroine is Elizabeth Goodweather a widow living in the mountains near Ashville, NC.  She love Appalachia and the beauty and mountain lore is all included. Her books always have an unresolved mountain legend included from the past that somehow coincides with what is going on in the future.
I just finished the 1st one in the series Signs in the Blood (check out review)and plan to continue reading the whole series. I have a kindle so I look forward tonight to snuggling down in bed with Malcolm passed out at my feet  reading
Art's Blood the 2nd installment in the series.

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