Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thanksgiving Tweaking...

Finally had a chance to do some tweaking the house for Thanksgiving after returning from Seattle.
My house doesn't have the proper light to take good pictures without the flash and I don't
have time to set up photo lights so I use the flash and the pictures never come out as nice.

I love my vintage Turkey platter found on Ebay. Just looks lovely on my sideboard.

On shelf of sideboard

Pumpkin soup tureen and S&P shakers to match found years ago  while on a trip to Arizona at the Cracker Barrel.

My ornie basket on my entry way table.  I really am enjoying doing
ornie baskets. This one is filled with ornie's found at Joanns.

These ceramic tea light pumpkins are just darling at night with the
battery tea lights lit inside. Had these for years from Target.

Thanksgiving subway art and one of my favorite owls help
decorate my fireplace mantle which is lit up at night with pumpkin colored
fairy lights.

These pumpkins were lost and found again when we recently moved from our home of 23 years.
They were stuck up in a forgotten thanksgiving deco box in the attic. I purchased these at our church bazzar for $10 a set 31 years ago. I love them. They seem new to me now since it's been at least 15 years since I've seen them :-).

I don't even remember these pumpkins. They were stuck in the lost
attic deco box as well.

My kitchen table ornie basket filled with mini pumpkins scented sunflowers and crows.

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Honoring a very special Veteran in my life...

My father
Lt. Colonel Harvey W. Fritz

My dad served our country in the pacific during WWII as a young Lt. in the Airforce. Later he served two tours of duty in Korea as a Major where he earned a Bronze Star. He served a total of 25 years in Airforce retiring a Lt. Colonel, a rank he
was proud of his entire life. He did so much more, but today I'm honoring his selfless service for our country.

My grandparents proudly hung their three blue stars in their front window representing their
three sons who served during WWII. My father in the pacific, my uncle Carl as an army core engineer during the German invasion and my Uncle Bill as special attache in the United States. My grandparents were childhood immigrants from Germany who made it their mission to be Americans and raise their four sons
as Americans.

Of all of my father's accomplishments, and they were many, his service for our country in both WWII and Korea would be what he considered his most notable. In his later years he constantly talked about it.

I am so grateful for my family's service and all the other brave and selfless men and women who have served our country and protected our freedom!