Thursday, May 9, 2013

Vintage Garage Sale Find...

 I am not really one for garage sales. In fact I may stop by one every year or so. I'm not good at sifting through the stuff and finding something unique that I could use.
Last Saturday was different. My husband and I were driving around early morning and he stopped at a garage sale. I didn't even get out at first and then decided to just look around.

I didn't even get out at first and then decided to just look around.
I didn't find anything, but of course he did. It wasn't really organized and I don't do well with clutter. We were about to leave when my eye caught these two 8x10 framed pictures.
They were marvelous. Professionally framed and the print is on canvas! They are so me! Horse and hound! They sold them to me both for $5! I told my husband to pay the man
and I went home and hung them up!

This dog is just beautiful. Dalmatians and hounds were quite popular in paintings in the late Victorian and Edwardian era. 
He goes very well with my vintage dog collection.

Here is an example of the crackling effect use by artists to give
the vintage effect that was very popular in the Edwardian era.
These pictures are of course not actually from that era, but reproductions done beautifully.

Excellent quality. The frames alone would be expensive.

I'm now encouraged to venture out and see what other treasures  I
can find at garage sales. 

I feel like I'm on the Antiques Road Show (one of my favorite shows)!

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