Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Stuck in the Before Waiting for the After...

Haven't posted anything for a month because I keep waiting for the
opportunity to post pictures of my new house but guess what
we are still waiting to close.

These are all the online realty pictures of our house taken in April.
These are the befores.

We are set to close by August 31. It's a short sale. It will be a little over 120 days from start to finish.

It has been a real test of patience !!! Would I do it again? Yes, for a house like this one.

Now it's just getting the review through underwriting and signing the loan docs.
Could close as early as end of next week. Oh I hope so.

I feel like I'm living a half reality. I mind and heart is here at the new address. I have decorated and redecorated each room a 1000 times in my head. I just want the chance to do it.
Hard to pack because we still need to have the things in our current home (which has already been sold and closes in 60 days).

I just had to post something today. I don't like going too long without posting.
I have 2 weeks and I will be moving if not sooner!!
Then I will have lot's of after pictures.