Wednesday, November 21, 2012


My blog has been hacked. I really need someone's help. Some porno site with a very innocent name has hacked into my reading list!!! Got on this morning and scrolling down 12 posts from this porno site has come up.
 I don't know how to get rid of them or how to delete. I have used the help section for blogger and nothing is working!!! I don't want to have to delete my blog but I will if this can't be fixed. Any advise would be so appreciated!! I'm just sick about this!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Thanksgiving Table..

Simple and rustic that's me!! I love the earthy colors of  this time of year.

When we downsized to a single story recently we gave up our
formal dining room and now have an open kitchen dining area.
I love it.

We sold our formal dining table and kept our family dining table for 8. It fits my simple, earthy decor perfectly.

I set the table every year with my Vintage Franciscan
Apple pattern.
I really only use it at Thanksgiving. 

All my serving pieces are in my china cabinet.

I started collecting these plates for a few years now. I have always
loved this pattern. I remember it from childhood. My neighbors had this pattern. My mother collected Fiestaware which I have as well.

All of my collection is from the 1940's when they were hand painted.  The newer Franciscan Ware
is now made in England and it isn't nearly as nice. 
You can see the vibrant colors which are nearly 70 years old now. 
There are so may pieces that were issued in this pattern. 
Desert Rose was another famous pattern.
It has taken awhile but I now have a service for 12 people
which I need for my family.


Hard to get a descent picture of this centerpiece. Created it from stuff I had around the house.
The candle in the center is hazelnut scented which adds to the earthy theme.

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Mosaic Monday: For the Love of Panises...

Spent three hours on Saturday out in my garden. It was just a gorgeous fall day to lose myself completely in the dirt planting 58 bulbs for spring and my favorite~Pansies for fall and winter.

I adore Pansies. I love their vivid colors.

I love their darling faces.

I love their velvety feel to their blossoms.

I love how hardy they are. They will bloom in rain or covered with snow.

I love them filled in planter boxes I can look at while I was dishes through my kitchen window.

filled in clay pots or hanging baskets to greet me on my front porch.

They are just such sweet and happy flowers.

They make wonderful cut flowers in a small vase on a 
window sill.
They just make me so happy!

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