Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Love Red Doors...

I love red doors on a home or business. For years I have wanted to take the plunge and paint my door red, but have always been too chicken. When I was in Georgetown and Alexandria, Virginia I couldn't help but notice how many homes had red doors and they all looked so warm and welcoming. Red with the brass knockers are my favorites. There were variations of the color as well. I have now decided to actually do it, I'm going to paint my front door red, a regal red I think, maybe slightly brickish. I believe red doors mush have been popular in the colonial era since most of these homes I'm showing are historical homes. I have been  looking for a brass knocker that I can have our name engraved on. I also want a brass door knob. I can't wait for the transformation. I will keep everyone updated.