Monday, September 17, 2012

Creative Weekend Project with Applique...

Since we have been in the process of moving for last few months I haven't had a chance to get out
my sewing machine and have fun. Now that we are moved in I got my craft on and experimented with applique embroidery. I love the result. This is a decorative dish towel only. With my surname monogram. This just makes the kitchen more mine.

I found this cast iron rooster dish towel holder in a local consignment shop.

I love sun flowers and fall. A little too early for Halloween for me. This was perfect for September.
I can make a new one to change out for every month.

Flour Sack dish towels are wonderful for embroidery projects.
They iron up so nice and crisp.

Fits perfect on the dish towel holder with the grograin ribbon tied in the center.

These little cuties are so special to me! I could cry writing this. They have always been around sitting on ledge in my childhood and adult homes. They were a gift to my mother hand painted by one of her friends signed and dated 1960. They have always made me happy. When we moved into our new home a few weeks ago my adult daughter was helping me unpack. She was in charge of the kitchen, one of the first things she put out were my little friends right on the kitchen window ledge so I can see everyday.
I love her for it.

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