Thursday, April 28, 2011

Robin's Quilt part 1

My daughter Robin is graduating from High School this year and I just found out that our youth's church group are going to tie quilts for the senior girls on May 14th. The hitch is that the mother's are putting together the quilt tops for their daughters prior to the quilting bee. The idea is that the girls all have their quilts before graduation on June 3rd.

 What a panic. I don't know how I missed this memo, but a lot has been going on in my life. Thank-goodness for my other daughter, she came to the rescue. She had planned to make Robin a quilt for graduation anyway and had cut all these squares for a rag quilt.  The two of us decided to collaborate on the quilt to get it done. I picked an easy nine patch quilt pattern of 30 18" blocks. The squares are already cut except for a the one's I'm filling in with. She cut the squares, I am sewing the blocks together. Both of us will work on organizing and piecing the quilt top together. 

I won't be here on the May 14th, I will be on the plane flying across the United States to D.C. for my son's graduation from Georgetown Law, so my daughter will be attending the quilting bee with Robin to get her quilt tied. Thank goodness for family!!! My daughter's are awesome! They really pitch in when needed.

I started last night and finished four nine patch blocks.
I showed Robin what I had so far and she loves it!

I created this picture collage to give you an idea of what it might look like pieced together.

Partying with:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spotted Among the Ferns!

I was running out the door this morning on my way to work and noticed something purple peeking out of our fern and agapanthia  jungle.  I climbed among them for a close look and found these darling purple daisies happy as can be. Where they came from I have no idea. We have had a lot of rain this winter and spring and we do have birds in our trees, so I'm thinking a little birdie dropped some seeds in my ferns. I love it. I think they look so pretty.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Puppy Tails # 4

Kilraeke Westies Puppy Tails continued...

They are three weeks old today and as promised their eyes and ears are fully opened and they are now off investigating their surroundings.

Really Mom, do you have to clean my butt on camera?

Yes, peep squeak I do and your brother and sister's butts too!

I could just perish with embarrassment.

We think it's pretty funny!

I'm outta here!

He's no fun!

Um, this is interesting!

Not sure I should leave this blanket, I think I'll just stick one paw in to test it out.

Better sniff to make sure!