Friday, January 4, 2013

Glorious Paperwhites, So Easy, So Pretty!

This is the first time I have ever grown Paperwhites indoors or out.
I have always thought they were so pretty on display.
Thought I would give it a go this year.

I went on Youtube and watched a view videos on how to plant them. Youtube is wonderful! You can find out how to DIY just about anything. 

My friend gave me the perfect dish she got at a garage sale. I Ordered these bulbs off of Amazon. They came 10 in a pack. I also found some in the grocery outlet stores.

Got my soil out one Sunday afternoon right before Thanksgiving put the soil in the dish all the way to the top, 
set my 10 bulbs root side down on the surface, scattered some small rocks around and watered just up to the base of the bulbs. It was all right there in the package instructions.

Set the dish with the bulbs on my kitchen table where it could get sunlight. My kitchen windows are on the west side. The sun doesn't really come in until afternoon. South facing windows are probably the best. Nonetheless the little bulbs started sprouting what looked like claws and kept going. I carefully watered the roots once a week. 5 weeks later I had beautiful blooming flowers just in time for Christmas.

I did have them on display on my kitchen table. I no longer have a formal dining room. They looked beautiful there. After the 1st week they got so heavy they started to fall over. I have since tied them up with a ribbon and that has been just fine. I did have to move them off my table and into my entry foyer due to their scent. Unfortunately they really stink. They are very over powering with kind of a stinky sock smell. This was disappointing. I use my inside garage door to come in my home so I don't notice it too much. Coming in the front door is another story. They look beautiful and I do love them in my entry way so I plan on starting another batch in a different container this weekend, this batch will be passing on in another week or so. This has been a rewarding experience which I am very happy I tried.

Would love to hear your experiences with indoor bulb planting!

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