Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Sweet Little Miracle!

This is simply an amazing story I have to share. Last October I sold this little girl, Phoebe, to a woman in Russia. I shipped her out the next day after purchase. Two weeks later the buyer contacted me wondering where her doll was. This started a major investigation and finally a settlement with the U.S. Postal Service. Phoebe was MIA in Russia somewhere. I was heart broken, because I was intending on keeping Phoebe for myself. I rarely do that, but this particular sculpt I have done several times and I decided to finally do one for me. Money got tight so I decided to go ahead and sell her. I immediately regretted it.

Here comes the crazy part. A couple of days ago my co-worker was asking me if the doll was ever found. I told her no she was somewhere in Russia and that could be just about anywhere. I went on to tell her how I wished I had her back and that it makes me sad to know she was lost. You can tell by the outfit she's wearing that she's been lost for nearly 6 months. That very afternoon a couple of hours after the conversation with my co-worker my daughter calls and says "Mom you will never believe what I found on our door step. PHOEBE! Phoebe has returned from Russia!!" You could of pushed me over with a feather!!!! I told my co-worker right away and we were both stunned that we were discussing this very thing just a couple of hours earlier. 

Anyway Phoebe is home now safe and sound from her big adventure. She's pretty tired I would imagine. The box was totally stamped up with Russian stamps, but in pretty good shape and had never even been opened.
She isn't going anywhere from now on!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in my little miracle!

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  1. What a lovely story! She was meant to be with you :o) Scarlett x

  2. Wow, what a story, and what a BEAUTIFUL doll... That really is amazing that you made something like that! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog... And good luck with the thin mint cookies. I am your newest follower as well!


  3. Oh my gosh, I could cry looking at that little face and thinking about her lost in Russia (although, I bet the stamps were cool). I am so glad she is back home. She is meant to be yours. I really do adore her face. I may ned one just like her. ;) So glad you joined in on my give away. Your chances are good. Wishing you luck.

  4. p.s. I'm in on the spring fling too!

  5. Hi Susie!

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  6. Beautiful story!
    I'm a new follower. Hope you can stop by and visit me:

  7. Just curious--did you sell another doll to the Russian lady?

  8. wow! That is crazy! so happy you have her back now! Thanks for linking up.

  9. What an amazing story! So glad she is back where she belongs!
    Dianne @

  10. Omgosh, that's SO freakin' cute. And WHAT a story!! (found you on the Over 40 Blogger site, thought, I'd stop by and say hello)

  11. Your doll work is amazing! She looks like a real baby and is certainly loved like one too!