Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Block #2 in my American Heritage Quilt Challenge...

This block(s) is actually the block of the month for February. There is two of these. I started late so I am going to have catch up to April. I now have January and February done. This week I will start on March. This is the Shoo Fly design. It was a little more challenging than last weeks. I tried very hard to make sure all my points met. I am having fun and look forward to the 3rd in the challenge which looks pretty complicated.

Shoo Fly design

Grouped with last weeks challenge.

Only two of these blocks required for the quilt.

Partying with:



  1. I love quilts so very much. I cannot make them but enjoy everyone I see. I have way too many, but still buy. I love the new or old. You are doing a great job on this one.

  2. I admire anyone who can quilt. These samples are fabulous!


    I’m heels over head
    In love with Red,
    There’s nothing that I won’t do
    To let you all know
    I love Red so—
    Nothing, of course, against you!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Blazing Ocotillo

  3. Is there anything that says love more than a red quilt? I hope to see the rest of it as it happens.

  4. It's looking fantastic! You are using lovely colors, so the finished product will add cheer and warmth to whatever room you use it in. Don't worry too much about your corner and points being perfect. When I was first learning how to do patchwork, a very wise teacher had this to say about imperfections: If you can't see it at midnight from the back of a galloping horse, then it doesn't matter. :-)

  5. My grandma made chinese quilts from scratch. Yours are beautiful.

  6. Stopping by form Hoo's got talent. I love finding other quilters in blog land! Red & white is so classically beautiful.

  7. By the way, I'm now your newest follower.