Wednesday, May 4, 2011

There's a Party Going On!!!

Hey kids there's a Pet Party going on at Debbiedoos

Better spread the word!

Did I hear Party?

Yes I think I did! I better tell Izzie and Malcolm.

A Party! I want to go. Yes, Sugar we better tell Malcolm
and then tell Dad there's a party going on!

Dad, did you hear there's a party going on! We want to go!

Geez Malcolm you can be such a stick in the mud sometimes!

That's right just stick your nose in the air because you're not the center of attention!

Hah! Turning your back on us really!
We'll fine we are going to go partying


  1. OK I can't tell you how many times I have Laughed out loud, but this one I really Laughed OUT loud. Poor Daddy he gets no LOVE LOL!!~ How cute, thanks so much for sharing with me. I really enjoy this party. As one gal just emailed me and said how fun, funny and light hearted everyone is. Pets just do that to us!

  2. What a cute post. I love the shot of your dogs all on top of your husband. But where are the puppies? Oh, I guess their to young to party.

  3. Very cute furry babies you have!

  4. LOVE your Westies. They are so cute. I want one of the puppies too. I just became a follower and hope you return the favor! Thanks!

  5. They are all just precious!! So fun to see everybodys pets today!! Janet

  6. Oh gosh, they are so adorable:)

  7. CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!! I *heart* all of them. But I have to ask because they all seem so affectionate: are the girls more affectionate than the boys? My Bonnie Blue is a Love Bug, and I was wondering if there is a difference.

  8. These guys are adorable! Love your pictures and comments. Do you find there is any jealousy with three? You've seen our bassets and commented on my blog. They are a bonded pair. I'm so tempted to get a third but was worried it would harm the bond between the two we have now.

  9. Gorgeous furbabies...I just love those sweet little furry faces!!!
    Have a beautiful day!!!

  10. Sweet cuties and dad. They're lovely and surely always bring fun to the house. Your quilt works are great.