Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Puppy Tails #7

I was so amazed to see how much they had grown after being away from them for 9 days!!!! They are now 7 weeks old and will be leaving home in another couple of weeks. I will miss them so! They are so stinking cute and healthy as can be. We now have them in small Camp Snoopy on the outside patio. They will get a bigger Camp Snoopy this weekend. Their little ears are now beginning to stand up properly and all their pigment is nice and black!  

Little boy~ Tulouse

Little Girl~Amelia 

Little Girl~Marie


Little Boy~Mumford

Mommy, Izzie looking a little forlorn on the other side of the fence watching!
This is the hard part.



  1. they are all adorable. Love, Love, Love, puppies! I know it will be hard to see them leave. Janet

  2. Oh these puppies are so darling. How can you resist them? I would have to own them all.

  3. Aw!!! Poor Izzie! I am hugging my Bonnie right now, LOL! The puppies are so cute (love Mumford's name)...

  4. I would never be able to part with them little puppies.I so wish i could have another Westie puppy.