Monday, July 11, 2011

New Toddler in the House!!!

Busy summer and not much time to post lately, but had to share this little chick. My daughter made this little beauty and I bought her. It set me back a pretty penny I can tell you but she is so worth it! 

My daughter and I both reborn dolls and sell them on Ebay. It's a wonderful hobby. I saw this little girl and her twin coming to life as my daughter diligently worked on her. When finished I had to have her. For those of you who are familiar with Lee Middleton dolls may recognize a resemblance. The sculpt is a Reva Schick Arianna kit. She is 28" and wears 18 month old clothing. She is just like a real toddler. Her name is Pippa. You can see her twin Kate on ebay: I am so excited, I have been shopping I can tell you.



  1. Oh, I had to take a second look... at first I thought she was real! Do you go to doll conventions? My sister collects dolls (Sasha) and has attended a few conventions. I went with her one time and it was fun.

  2. I've seen reborns that look like real babies, then I've seen the ones where people don't know what they are doing and they just look creepy.

    It's clear that your daughter had a true gift of talent to bring these dolls to life. I love them both, but yours was the one I liked best. Too bad my "honorary grandmother" is no longer alive or I know she would have bought the other one. This woman was in her 80s and had her house packed with dolls because she loved them all her life. I loved dolls to, so that was how we became friends. Thanks for the happy memory today as you reminded me of this dear woman.

  3. She is really such a beautiful baby .

  4. wow!!! that looks so real!!! pretty doll!

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