Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas in a bag...

I made a few presents for my friend in another state and wanted to
be creative in how I sent them to her. 
I found this canvas tote at Walmart.

She loves cats! I found this kitty printable transfer on Etsy
and the transfer paper at Walmart. It was so easy to do. I printed
the transfer out in an 8x10 format and cut around it and ironed it on.
That easy and doesn't it just spruce it up a bit. It's personal now.

The tote was deep enough to place all her presents in! I just finished it off with a plaid ribbon. I am very pleased with how it turned it. Took it to UPS this morning and sent it off to her. Very convenient to! All this for under $10. Total cost was $7.50
I am going to do this for all my girlfriends and daughters this Christmas!

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  1. What a beautiful thoughtful gift. Love your white furry friend. We have a WESTIE as well named FERGUS.

  2. Oh I love that bag... We just bought are daughter a new Kitten and she would LOVE it... I would love for you to link up at

  3. This is so professional looking, good job! I'd enjoy receiving this in the mail for sure!

  4. Awwww. I love kitties! That is so super cute and I know she'll love it!!

  5. THANKS for the BEAUTIFUL bag I'll enjoy!