Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Nothing Short about a Short Sale...

What a crazy couple of weeks!!!! My husband and I have made a very important decision in our lives. We have decided after 23 in the same house to move. It really wasn't the spur of the moment decision we have been mulling it over for a couple of years. The stairs are killing me. I had major, major surgery on my leg about 25 years ago and it's becoming really tough for me to climb the stairs 3-4 times daily. I just loathe it when I have to go up. We still have 2 daughters living with us our eldest and youngest child. My eldest daughter is moving out and the younger is coming with. We found a beautiful 3 bedroom home on other side of town closer to my 2nd daughter that has the kids. It's one story and perfect. We have made an offer and now the waiting game begins. This is a short sale which we all no nothing is short about a short sale :-). We are 1st offer so our chances are good. I have had several people be skeptical about it working out but you know what I choose faith. I choose to have faith that it will work out!!!! That is the only line of thinking I am going to entertain, faith the size of a mustard seed.

Etsy treasure fournd at studiolara316

There is so much I will miss about my home, but I am so looking forward to our new smaller abode. To keep myself focused I have starting collecting new home decor items for my home. It will just be my pookie bear and I and he loves how I decorate so this is going to be so much fun!!!! I started today. I found two gorgeous Westie prints done on matte canvas that I love which will incorporate many of my colors. They are 8x10 which I will frame in 11x14 for somewhere in the house not sure yet, but I knew when I saw them I had to have them.

I never thought I would feel this positive about moving from our beloved home. I raised 6 children in this home. My youngest child has only known this home we brought her home from the hospital there. It's a big change and to work myself through all this I have decided to share it with my blogging friends. I appreciate any insight. 



  1. Having patience when it's a long wait is difficult but it will be worth it. We have a one story house and at 64 I need it. I have RA and stairs would just kill me too. If it's meant to happen it will and if not, there are more houses out there.


  2. I think your move sounds exciting! You will always have memories of your home, but you need to remember that you will be much happier *now* in the new home. I wish you well getting through all the red tape of a short sale. I agree with Gretchen that it will be worth it!