Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Vintage Canine Porcelain Heaven...

In our new home we have an entry way that I am
gathering pieces for a vintage porcelain canine vignette.
Here are some of the pieces I have collected. Can't wait 
to get them all together and take pictures 
of it all together for my blog.

Vintage hunt scene brown transferware from
I just purchased this and received 15% off
Nancy is doing a $50 gift certificate give away over
at French Country Cottage check it out.
Nancy has some wonderful transferware pieces. Over 1000
to select from in her etsy shop.
I fell in love with this one to go with my porcelain canine vingette
I am planning for when I get in my new house.

Here is a wonderful vintage Wire Haired Fox Terrier made in occupied Japan which make it a collectible.
He's really in great shape for being over 50 years old.

Here is a little Vintage Springer Spaniel made in Japan in the 50's

A vintage Lefton made in Japan Beagle

Sweet little vintage Cocker also made in occupied Japan.
Great deal on Ebay

These setters are probably my most collectible piece of canine porcelain. They were made in Thuringia Germany which is a region in Germany known for its many porcelain makers. I just purchased this off of Ebay for $16. The seller knew nothing except it is stamped Thuringia Germany. I'm sure this was made sometime
between late 30's and early 50's. I will know more when I receive it.

This is another price from Ebay. A sweet vintage English Cocker Spaniel made by Gort Porcelain pre WWII.

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  1. thanks for visiting me Susie

    your hunt scene platter and you little dog collection will be wonderful together

    I look around at Nancy's Daily dish she has some fabulous transferware pieces

  2. The plate is gorgeous :)
    Greetings from Australia♥

  3. Nice collection! I love vintage dog figures and hunt scenes.

  4. Nice to meet you! Love your platter and what a great collection of figurines! Thanks for coming by from VTT!

  5. You really have nice collection of vintage doggies. I like all of them cause I do not have take care of that kind.

  6. I collect vintage dogs too. I have a plate almost like that platter. I really need to do a vignette with some of my dog stuff.You have some wonderful dogs in your collection.

  7. I am in love with that transferware plate...and your cute vintage doggies! Once upon a time when I was a girl I collected dog figures too....now I just collect dishes and linens!!! Can't wait to see your finished project.

  8. I saw this post a few days ago when I was looking for dog figurines on the internet...and to my surpriseI see you featured the platter you bought from me. A great combination! I also collect the same figurines and have posted some of them on my blog in the past. I just found some at a garage sale a couple of months back for next to nothing. I wish now that I had bought all of them they had.
    Your collection is wonderful. I can't wait for you to show the platter paired with the dogs.

    Thanks for linking to the giveaway at Courtney's and for the shout out.


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