Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Look what the Stork Dropped in...

Meet Miss Lucy. She was born Nov. 25, 2012. 5lbs, 20" long.
She will never grow any larger and will always be asleep.
She will never talk back, need braces, or be a teenager.
She will always be available to cuddle and kiss.

She has lovely soft angora mohair for hair that is hand rooted into her scalp. She looks like a baby and smells like baby powder.

Her dress is so beautiful. A vintage batiste Christening dress
with a full batiste under slip.

For the cooler weather she wears her handmade from England
white and lavender sweater.

She just has the sweetest little feet and toes!
To learn more about Miss Lucy visit her page on Ebay

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  1. Those dolls are the neatest and look so real. The HoundDogs