Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tweaking My China Cabinet...

After Christmas is one of my favorites times of year. I love putting all the Christmas away and cleaning everything up. It's a time to rearrange and decorate. I always feel like my house gets back to normal after three months of decorating, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year I changed up my kitchen/dining area beginning with my china cabinet.

This is my China Cabinet before filled with my Vintage Franciscan Ware.


Here is my china cabinet now filled with my vintage Johnson Brother's Friendly Village and other transfer ware patterns.

I found this vintage large platter at The price was right because of a few flea bites. It's vintage and hard to come by so I scooped it up for me for Christmas.
It was just meant to be in this space.

I also found this beautiful Johnson Brother's Old British Castle multi colored smaller platter. This was a true find since it was made in England 1930.  It's hard to come by the multi color. I'm always on the look out for this pattern.

This is the one other piece I have of the Old British Castle pattern in multi colored. This is a medium size serving bowl made in England 1930. My camera is not doing justice to the beauty
and vibrancy of the colors.

Johnson Brother's Friendly Village is a very popular pattern of English Transfer Ware. I have collected this pattern very carefully over the years, so as to make sure they were all back stamped Made in England and not the recently produced pattern which in my opinion isn't of the same quality as the original.

The detail is amazing to me. This sugar bowl is a great example of the quality of workmanship.
I am very pleased with the exchange I made in my china cabinet. I have moved my Franciscan Ware to my buffet which I will be sharing soon.

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  1. Your cabinet looks lovely with your transferware. I love your pattern!

  2. What a great collection of dishes you have. Your right it feels good to clean it all up after all the decorating holidays.

  3. My daughter collects/uses Johnson Brothers Friendly Village too and she loves it. I was lucky to find a vintage set for her for $30.00 and this started it all. Your bid platter is lovely.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  4. What a pretty set. I'm still in the new year clean out get organized mode. '-)

  5. Oh, I love the Johnson Brothers patterns! What a gorgeous collection you have! Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  6. Susie, I too love after Christmas cleaning and decluttering. Your collection is fabulous! Can you believe that I had never heard of Friendly Village. Last Nov. I was at a thrift store and spied a small picture in the collectables. I liked it and snagged it up for only $5. Since then I have seen it all over blogland. Hoping to add to it.

  7. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful collection! I love the big platter!