Thursday, February 21, 2013

Casserole Queen...

I became known as the casserole queen in the family while raising 6 children. I found that the most efficient and cost effective way to feed this crowd was casseroles. I have at least 10 favorites that I repeated over and over again. The kids never got sick of them. Every once in awhile, like on Sunday I did a roast or baked chicken, but for the most part it was a casserole and salad/vegetable for dinner. My kids are all living on their own now with their own families. It's wonderful when a daughter in law, or daughter calls for one of my casserole recipes. When I go to help for a new baby they always have a list of dishes they want me to make.
It always makes me feel good~warm and cozy.
My casseroles have been favorites at Church Pot Luck dinners as well. Here are a couple of recent casseroles I have made for pot-lucks and dinner just with hubby and daughter.

I made this Tater-Tot casserole for Church Pot Luck recently. I came home with an empty pan.

I love nice bake and serving ware. My favorite has become
Temp-Tations on QVC. Such quality. One my favorite features is
the wire serving basket which makes it easy to take places.

I love these little rooster salt and pepper shakers.

I made this Bacon-Apple-Chedder Mac and Cheese last night for my hubby and a daughter that dropped by.
The Cow baker is another Temp-tations bake and serve piece.

I just served this up with a Caesar Salad. You can see that it
made plenty to send home with my daughter and left overs for
my hubby and me. This is a 2.5 qt baker. 

I had to get this shot because I thought the tail of the cow was
so cute as a handle!

Contact me if you would like any one or both of these recipes I will be glad to share.

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  1. One of my favorite dishes as well. Wish I lived nearby for any left overs. When it is just me, do not cook things like that anymore.

  2. I would love the recipes if your offering. Because I live alone I try to cook twice a week with things I love and so don't mind eating them several times.
    I can give you my email address here and thank you for sharing-

  3. They casseroles look amazing! Apples, cheddar cheese, and bacon ... YUM! Thanks for sharing with us. I'm following along.

  4. Hello Susie. Those casseroles look pretty yummy. Thank you for visitng my blog and leaving me your kind words. Your puppies are the cutest. I have a little maltese and I just love him to pieces..

    Have a wonderful week...

  5. Hi thanks for stopping by. I come from a family of ten and my mom made the best meals of casseroles. Our favorite was her mmacaroni and cheese.We all still use her recepies.

  6. Hello Susie! Maybe you could post some of your ten casserole recipes. I know I would love to have them! Thank you in advance!